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Optimize Your Digestion: Interactive Workshop

When Is the Digestion Workshop?

UPDATE: The Digestion Workshop 2020 will be postponed until further notice due to the COVID-19 outbreak. I will provide an updated date and time as soon as possible.

Where Is the Digestion Workshop?

The interactive digestion workshop will be held at Loaring Physiotherapy & Health Centre on 13126 Tecumseh Rd. East.

Why Attend the Optimize Your Digestion: Interactive Workshop?

Learn how to heal your gut naturally from common digestive complaints and rebuild a strong, healthy digestive system.

Why should you care about your gut in the first place? What makes it such a hot topic for holistic health in 2020? To keep it short – poor gut health can be the reasoning behind mood swings, anxiety, sleep issues, skin issues, brain fog, hormone imbalance and/or immune system issues. What puts the gut at the centre of all these complications? The majority of all immune cells found in your body come from your gut microbiome; therefore, the state of your gut health is directly related to your overall health and wellbeing.

Your gut is important!

Gut Health Benefit #1

Learn strategies that strengthen your digestive function.

Gut Health Benefit #2

Learn pilates exercises that have a positive impact on digestive health.

Gut Health Benefit #3

Receive handouts and recipes for at home digestive health practices.

Meet Your Gut Health Specialists

It is imperative to review both internal and external factors when tackling any health issue from a holistic approach. This is why the Optimize Your Digestion: Interactive Workshop will feature specialists from the worlds of physical therapy and naturopathic medicine.

The Loaring Physiotherapy & Health Centre dream team for your gut!

Hughine Saby – Pilates Instructor

Pilates exercise demonstrations to promote gut healing and intestinal regularity.

Dr. Kaitlin Martinello – Naturopathic Doctor

Nutritional advice and testing options to aide in digestive recovery.

If you are interested in finding out how your gut could be impacting your health, you can email me to schedule a meeting at the Lifetime Wellness Centre on North Service Road.