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Hormone Testing

Offered to Residents of Windsor-Essex County

Comprehensive Hormone Testing

Testing offered for both males and females in order to determine the hormonal environment within the body including reproductive, thyroid, and adrenal gland function. Both male and female-specific panels are offered. Price varies with each test.

Offered Comprehensive Hormone Testing

  • Salivary Hormone Panel
  • 24-Hour Urine Hormone Panel
  • Urine Dipstick Test
  • Laboratory Blood Analysis

Signs of Hormone Imbalance

You may not realize how important your hormones are in daily life. Hormones are the body’s chemical messengers and are found in the blood, tissues, or organs. Hormonal imbalance can have a massive impact on daily life since they are intertwined with so many of the body’s systems.

Signs of hormone imbalance include but are not limited to:

  • Fluctuation of Weight
  • Fluctuation of Energy
  • Fluctuation of Libido
  • Fluctuation of Strength
  • Loss of Hair
  • Poor Skin Health
  • Fluctuation of Hunger

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If you live in Windsor Essex County and are interested in one or more of Dr. Martinello’s naturopathic services, you can book a consultation today! Dr. Martinello offers a comprehensive 60-minute initial consultation for adults and youths.

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