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Naturopathic Care in Windsor-Essex

The key to health and wellness is to listen to the messages our bodies are trying to tell us.

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Primary care medicine that merges traditional therapies with modern medicine, focusing on helping people become and stay healthy. Doctors trained in naturopathic medicine rely on clinical observations and evidence-based medicine to treat their patients. Naturopathic medicine is holistic and patient-centered; not disease or complaint-driven.

Focus on Women’s Health

Dr. Kaitlin Martinello, ND, has focused on women’s health since she started her naturopathic practice. Women’s health is a complex puzzle. Dr. K starts by highlighting the underlying cause of issues from assessment and implementing a personalized treatment plan. Dr. K provides help with common women’s health issues such as PMS, PMDD, PCOS, Fertility, and more!

Serving Windsor-Essex County

Visit Dr. Kaitlin Martinello, ND at the Lifetime Wellness Center on 880 North Service Road East #301 alongside a group of wonderful practitioners who offer a variety of healthcare services. Contact Dr. Kaitlin Martinello, ND today if you are looking for a unique approach to women’s health, naturopathic medicine, and holistic health in Windsor-Essex County. 

Find Out if Naturopathy is Right For You

What can you expect during an initial consultation with a Naturopathic Doctor? A thorough medical history including personal and family history with an exploration of all relevant aspects of the patient’s lifestyle will take place.  A routine physical exam and/or diagnostic laboratory tests may be recommended to establish a diagnosis. At the end of the consultation, the ND will have recommended an individualized treatment plan while fully explaining medical care and answering any health questions.  Typically initial consultations last 1-1.5 hours.

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