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Naturopathic Sleep Optimization

Offered to Residents of Windsor-Essex County

Insomnia and Irregular Sleep Schedules

Sleep is very important to maintaining good health. Rest gives our body and mind the opportunity to restore physical function, maintain cognitive function, and fight off illnesses. Lack of sleep increases the risk of memory loss, cardiovascular disease, mental stability, hormonal imbalance, and many more health concerns. It is important to consult a health professional to understand the root cause of what is causing sleepless nights as your daily health can be affected if not addressed.


What Causes Sleep Issues or Insomnia?

Stress & Anxiety: Anxious thoughts, increased stress hormones, and an active mind can all hinder your ability to feel tired.

Breathing Issues: Sleep apnea and airway resistance directly correlate with poor sleep quality.

Late Night Snacking: Eating before bed can disrupt blood sugar levels and contribute to disruptive sleep patterns.

Irregular Sleeping Schedule: Inconsistency in your daily life can disrupt your internal clock making it harder to fall asleep.


Holistic Approach to Insomnia
A holistic approach to optimizing sleep has aided countless individuals to protect their circadian rhythm and achieve consistent deep sleep.

Consultation: Dr. Kaitlin Martinello, ND will complete a comprehensive consultation to understand your sleep history and the role your health plays.

Treatment Plan: Dr. Kaitlin Martinello, ND will implement your personalized sleep plan. Treatment options could include dietary and lifestyle recommendations, botanical medicine, hormone testing, natural supplementation, and more.

Follow-Up: Dr. Kaitlin Martinello, ND is dedicated to taking a holistic approach to your health. This includes understanding how your body is reacting to the treatment plan implemented and understanding if any changes are required.

Become a Patient

If you live in Windsor Essex County and are interested in one or more of Dr. Martinello’s naturopathic services, you can book a consultation today! Dr. Martinello offers a comprehensive 60-minute initial consultation for adults and youths.

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